Class Schedule

Here's the schedule of classes, showing the day and time when each class will go live. Remember, you have 48 hours to watch each session, after which they will be archived into the VIP Area. To get lifetime access to rewatch the classes and receive class notes other bonuses, please take a look at the VIP Pass.

(Although unlikely, Instructors and topics are subject to change)



Times are shown in Eastern Daylight Time [Time Zone Converter]

DAY ONE: May 3

8:00 AM Understanding Lr Classic Catalogs and The Library Module with Sean Bagshaw

9:00 AM No Light? No Problem! with Matt Kloskowski

10:00 AM Unlock the Power of Lightroom Range Masks to Create Powerful Landscape Photos with Mark Denney

11:00 AM Developing a Lightroom Mindset with Ben Willmore

1:00 PM Dodge and Burn with Adjustment Brushes with Colin Smith

2:00 PM Photoshop or Lightroom? Or Both? with Dave Cross

3:00 PM Lightroom Portrait Workflow with Chris Orwig

4:00 PM Creative Color Grading in Lightroom with Jesús Ramirez

DAY TWO: May 4

8:00 AM Find Photos Fast! with Tim Grey

9:00 AM Intro to Portraits in Lightroom with Kristina Sherk

10:00 AM Taming the Beast: Master Lightroom Mobile Capture with Lisa Carney

11:00 AM Getting started with Lightroom Classic for the Total Beginner with Theresa Jackson

You want to use Lightroom Classic but aren’t sure how to start. Or you’ve tried to use Lightroom Classic, and something went wrong. If so, this session is for you. You will learn everything you need to know about the catalog system, where the catalog is stored, what happens to the catalog during an update, what a backup catalog is, and how to move your catalog to a new computer. You will also learn about metadata, importing, and file management so you never lose a photo again.

1:00 PM Developing a Next-level Organization System with Ben Willmore

2:00 PM Hidden Lightroom Tips & Tricks with Jesús Ramirez

3:00 PM Create the Stunning Black & White Landscape in Lightroom with Anthony Morganti

4:00 PM Printing Master Class with Glyn Dewis


8:00 AM Elevate your Architectural Photos (Basics) with Tobi Shinobi

9:00 AM Lightroom for Wildlife Photographers with Matt Kloskowski

10:00 AM Advanced Portraits in Lightroom with Kristina Sherk

11:00 AM Get Creative with Your Landscape Photography Using Lightroom Color Wheels with Mark Denney

1:00 PM Using Photoshop and Lightroom Together with Dave Cross

2:00 PM Mastering Lens and Perspective Corrections with Tim Grey

3:00 PM Creating a book in Lightroom Classic with Nicole Young

Learn how to create a book using the Book module in Lightroom Classic. Watch as Nicole shows the basics of getting started making your own book, and also shows how to add photos and text to create a finished product that can be printed or shared as a PDF.

4:00 PM The Power of Profiles and Making Your Own with Daniel Gregory


8:00 AM Elevate your Architectural Photos (Advanced) with Tobi Shinobi

9:00 AM Make Stunning Panoramas and HDR in Lightroom with Colin Smith

10:00 AM Accessing Your Photos Anywhere: How To Sync Between Lr Classic and Lr CC with Sean Bagshaw

11:00 AM Understand and Maximize the Lightroom Classic to Photoshop Workflow with Rob Sylvan

1:00 PM Editing for Equity with Aundre Larrow

2:00 PM Mass Skin Retouching in Seconds with Jared Platt

3:00 PM Create a Slideshow in Lightroom with Anthony Morganti

4:00 PM Lightroom Photographic Storytelling with Theresa Jackson


8:00 AM Sharing Your Work from Lightroom with Jared Platt

9:00 AM Lightroom Photoshoot Workflow with Chris Orwig

10:00 AM DSLR Scanning and Working with Film Scans in Lightroom with Daniel Gregory

11:00 AM Creating Compelling Time-lapses with Glyn Dewis

1:00 PM Amp up the Drama: Transform the way you think about Black and White using Lightroom Mobile with Lisa Carney

2:00 PM An Exploration of Color with Aundre Larrow

3:00 PM Work Smarter in Lightroom Classic with Rob Sylvan

4:00 PM Editing a Food Photography session from Start to Finish using Lightroom Classic with Nicole Young

In this class, Nicole will be showing her process in Lightroom Classic on culling and editing an entire food photography session from start to finish. You'll learn how she uses Lightroom shortcuts and tools to pick her favorite images, keyword her images, and then go on to process those photos and sync them together.